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How to change an x240 trackpad

Written by Michael in random on Fri 05 June 2015. Tags: thinkpad, linux,

So I use a Lenovo Thinkpad x240 and sadly the manufacturer decided to paradigm shift away from building solid and easily repairable devices. Current Lenovo notebooks are a pain to even change the hard disk.

On top of that the touchpad in an effort to mimic Apple products became absolutely …

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blog migration to pelican

Written by Michael in random on Tue 04 November 2014.

So I finally ditched blaze-blogger for the following reasons:

  • Markdown!
  • disqus support, yes there are comments now
  • more themes, sort of
  • curiosity

Basically I did:

sudo pip install pelican markdown
mkdir newblog && cd newblog
pelican-import -m markdown --feed --output content/
git …

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sennheiser obsolescence my ass

Written by Michael in random on Sat 15 October 2011. Tags: fix,

Today i finally tried to repair my Sennheiser eh 150 headphones whose cables lasted juuust long enough to survive their warranty. Within 1 minute I had the pads and 4 easily reachable screws removed: From there it was surprisingly easy to reconnect the freshly shortened cords...


With close to no …

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Written by Michael in random on Mon 06 December 2010.

Und es spricht der Zyniker:

"Weihnachten ist eine Zeit, an dem der westliche Weltbürger feststellt, dass es fürchterlich viel Elend auf der Welt gibt. Dieses unangenehme Gefühl muss dann dringend mit Glühwein, Gänsebraten und blindem Konsumrausch betäubt werden."

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