blog migration to pelican

So I finally ditched blaze-blogger for the following reasons:

  • Markdown!
  • disqus support, yes there are comments now
  • more themes, sort of
  • curiosity

Basically I did:

sudo pip install pelican markdown
mkdir newblog && cd newblog
pelican-import -m markdown --feed --output content/
git init
# fix all the broken imports
sudo rm -rf /srv/raid/http/
sudo ln -s /srv/raid/http/ output
make html
# :3

Also this nginx rewrite was handy to NOT create a lot of dead blazeblogger links:

location / {
    rewrite ^/201./../[0-9]+-(.*)$ https://$host/$1.html permanent;

Written by Michael in random on Tue 04 November 2014.


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