sennheiser obsolescence my ass

Today i finally tried to repair my Sennheiser eh 150 headphones whose cables lasted juuust long enough to survive their warranty. Within 1 minute I had the pads and 4 easily reachable screws removed: From there it was surprisingly easy to reconnect the freshly shortened cords...


With close to no knowledge about the workings of recent headphones I was rather shocked by the cheap inner looks of the pads:


Now the only tricky part was to safely reuse the pull relief and cord protection so I won't have to open up those things again in a week. I had to use some small screwdrivers to free the rubber relief connector (not what you think ;) of remaining cord rubber that was probably heat fused together in production. So after some screwing around I had a hole that was big enough to put the cord trough (i don't know of a way to describe this without sounding so dirty - or is it just me? ):


When that was done i put a shrinking sleeve around the cord and made a knot to support the pull relief:


Then i pulled the knot into the sleeve tightly to the notch and shrank the sleeve. Soldering the 2 cables to the relatively big sockets was rather easy and after a couple of minutes the magic was over:


yai and fuck planned obsolescence

Written by Michael in random on Sat 15 October 2011. Tags: fix,


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